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Sorensen Groundwater Consulting, Inc.

Consulting Geologist, Geophysicist and Hydrogeologist
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My mission is to provide my clients with the highest quality professional work possible -- on time and on budget. 


I have been in the ground water consulting business for over 30 years.  I am licensed as a Professional Geologist, Professional Geophysicist, and a Certified Hydrogeologist in the State of California and several other states.


Some of the types of projects I have done have included:  Ground water resource and supply investigations, Ground water contamination studies, Geologic mapping, Dam seepage investigations, Mineshaft leakage investigations, Tunnel leakage investigations,  Ground water monitoring programs, and Landfill gas migration studies.


• Conducted geophysical field surveys such as; Gravity, Electrical Resistivity, Seismic, Infra-red, and Thermal.


• Oversaw all aspects of well drilling operations (writing specifications, contractor selection, field operations, well design, development, aquifer testing, water quality testing, pump selection).


• Conducted hydrological investigations including aquifer testing, water quality sampling, and ground water modeling.


• Performed geologic investigations such as borehole logging, aerial photo interpretation, geohydrologic mapping, wellsite selection.


• Co-designed and co-created software for analysis of bedrock fractures using downhole videologs (patent registered)